Incorporation is your first step in doing business in the U.S. 

It's important you have a business consultant to guide and assist you with your corporation or limited liability Company on a daily basis. MYUSCORP most known advantage is by assisting our clients with growing their business in the US.

If you want to do business in United States your best bet is to register a U.S. Corporation.

This limits your liability, while allowing you to maximize tax savings.

The costs for starting a U.S. corporation are quite modest, compared to Germany for example. While the founder of a "GmbH" in Germany must have start-up capital of at least 25,000 Euro, the entrepreneur can start a corporation in the United States - which offers much beter protection - with very litle capital. For example, when choosing the simplest method of establishing a company, you can get started with a "shell company" for less than $1,000.

It is important in this context to note that U.S. law requires every U.S. corporation to list a resident agent in the state where it is incorporated. In other words, the government wants to be assured that a representative of the company can be reached at any time and can speak for its interests.

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