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? Business Purpose

Some states require a specific purpose to be stated on the formation documents. This is for informational purposes only and will not limit the scope or powers of your company. Therefore, briefly (10 words or less is fine) describe the type of business your company will be conducting. NOTE: please do not list "services" or "any and all lawful business" as your business purpose, as we will need a specific purpose when reviewing your order for state compliance.

? Choose A Name For This Corporation

You must pick two names on this form, your first choice and second choice in case your first is not available. We will incorporate your business with EXACTLY what you enter in this field. If both choices are unavailable, we will contact you to obtain new choices.

Your LLC name MUST END with LLC

Make sure your second choice is different from your first!

? Members

An LLC may be managed by its Members (the owners) or by a Manager or Managers.

If the LLC is to be managed by its Members, it operates much like a partnership. Each member has a say in the decision making process of the company. This option is for companies where the members (owners) will actually run the company. This is also the normal choice for 1-person LLC's.

If the Members choose, they may elect a Manager or Managers (who may or may not be Members) to run the business. In this arrangement, the members who aren't managers will be passive investors, only offering money or property, and won't be involved in the day-to-day operations of the LLC.

Manager-Management is rare for small LLC's and adds a level of complexity most small businesses would rather avoid.

? Manager

NOTE: Manager-Management is very rare for small LLC's (less than 1% of our clients). This means you will be appointing somebody to manage your LLC and will add a level of complexity that most small LLC's would rather avoid.

? Registered Agent

All states require that your Corporation maintain a registered agent. A Registered Agent is simply a person or company responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents on behalf of your corporation. You may act as your own Registered Agent provided you have a physical address in your state and are available during business hours. If not, MYUSCORP can provide this service for a yearly fee (prepaid 1 year). **NO P.O. BOXES**

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